Materials used in Wildco Van Dorn bottles

Metal parts are 304 or 316 stainless steel and are rugged, durable and lack contaminating organics. Nonmetals are flexible, blue polyurethane; rigid, white ASA plastic with silicone gasket; transparent acrylic; and opaque PVC. Internal parts are nonmetallic. Plastic samplers may use some external metal parts for durability and rigidity.

Alpha™ seal – Blue, flexible polyurethane that can leach and contaminate samples. Because it may leach slight traces of mercury and phosphorous (among other potential contaminants), do not use for trace metal or chemical sampling. Durable, long lasting and flexible.

Beta™ seal – White, rigid inert ASA plastic with a silicone gasket specifically for trace metal sampling. It does not leach mercury but is not as durable.

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