Maintenance Tips for Wildco Core Samplers

Cleaning Wildco® corer valves:

Keep valves and seats in corer heads free of dirt, grease and oil to maintain a good air seal. It’s best to clean valve and seat after each sample with 70% ethyl alcohol.

Chemical removal of rust stains from stainless steel:

Stainless steel parts may show a rust stain, indicating an active corrosion cell area which should be deactivated. These are often caused by scratching or marring the surface.
Soak the stained area in concentrated HNO3 for a few hours or make a paste to spread over the stain using Vaseline, corn starch or other thickener. Repeat as needed.
Sand blasting with clean silica sand will remove rust but must be rinsed with strong HNO3 to prevent future damage.
If left in salt water, stainless steel corrodes quickly. All stainless steel should be rinsed at once with fresh water after removal from salt water.

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