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Can I use my sounding line with a Kemmerer bottle?

Caution! Sounding line will not thread through center tubes of 1200 Kemmerer bottles. If you wish to use with Kemmerers, simply attach 50-L10 Kemmerer adaptor kit to the bottom link and thread through the center shaft of the Kemmerer bottle. Be sure to secure the end of the adaptor kit with the supplied cable clamps!

Can I hammer my corer into the ground?

Warning! Hammering or pounding corers into sediments may damage them. When entering or exiting the bottom, do not tilt. This may cause the head assembly posts and tube to bend. The PVC core tube may break if bent too much.

Are Wildco corer parts interchangeable?

Head assemblies, core tubes, liner tubes, core catchers and nosepieces may be used interchangeably between: 2” Hand corers (2424-A20 and similar) 2” Ballchek (2416-B25) 2” K-B Corer (2400-B20 and similar) 2” Ogeechee (2427-B20)  

About Turtox Dip Nets

These are professional nets for serious field work. We use genuine Nitex® cloth and multifilament nylon. But the proof is in the pudding, or – in our case – the muslin, which is more manageable under water than nylon and polyester. It moves as you move, even when wet, and protect from snags and tears!

About the Wisconsin plankton bucket

Weighs 10 oz., just right for easy sinking, of stainless steel for durability. 200 mL volume. Drains with a pinchcock – no stopper to lose, no trapping of plankton. Best of all, it removes easily without tools by twisting the threaded top attached to the adaptor.

About Beta bottles

Beta™ Van Dorn-style bottles have rigid, white ASA plastic end seals with silicone gaskets. Amber latex tubing is used to close the bottle because it leaches fewer contaminants than the black latex tubing used on our Alpha™ bottles. It is not as durable, however. The Beta™ sampler is excellent for trace metal sampling, as there […]

About Alpha bottles

Alpha™ Van Dorn-style bottles have flexible, plunger-like blue polyurethane end seals for reliable sealing. Black latex tubing is used to close the bottle because it better resists decay in sunlight and in water than amber tubing. It is the strongest elastic material to our knowledge but may leach a very few heavy metals or other […]

A sample checklist for using the Ballchek™ Corer:

The purpose of this equipment is to obtain a core sample from a lake or ocean bottom. Because the equipment is heavy, take care. 1. Attach cable from winch to corer head 2. Loop cable over end of pulley wheel on boom of crane. Use winch to gently lift corer vertically until suspended by the […]