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Water Sampling Equipment

Water Sampling Equipment

Water sampling equipment comprises submersible pumps, pneumatic pumps, peristaltic pumps, bladder pumps, whale pumps and bailers. These environmental sampling equipments are used to access and sample groundwater and surface water. In conjunction with water sampling equipment various level measurement devices can also be used. In addition, these environmental sampling equipments may serve to take an actual sample of the water or to test its depth, rate of flow or volume of flow. Generally these equipments are made to adapt to a particular environment.

Bladder Pumps
Bladder pump is a type of water sampling equipment that has the ability to collect very accurate representative ground water samples to provide reproducible data time and time again. These pumps are EPA approved and are used for low flow sampling. Bladder pumps are reusable, portable in some cases and are useful for volatile organic compound analysis.

Composite Samplers
Composite water samplers are used for a wide variety of ground sampling including industrial discharge, storm water, waste water treatment, waste collection systems and testing rivers and streams. These environmental sampling equipments are reusable and often portable.

Water Level Meters, Transducers and Dataloggers
These kind of water sampling equipments are used to check groundwater and surface water levels. However some of their units may serve to check rainwater levels as well. Many units of environmental sampling equipment are equipped to work in dangerous or corrosive environments. Transducers and Dataloggers look like small pods which can be placed into the water directly. Whereas water level meters possess a large spool of material which can be lowered into the water in order to get it attach to the meter itself.

Peristaltic Pumps
A positive displacement is used in a peristaltic pump for pumping a variety of fluids. They are considered to be a good choice to pump clean/sterile or aggressive fluids, because they do not allow cross contamination.

Submersible Pumps
Submersible pumps can go directly into the water that is to be sampled. The main advantage of a submersible pump is that this process stops pump cavitation by negating the effect of the pump itself and the sampling surface being at a different level.

Stream Flow Probes
In order to measure the volumetric flow of water in rivers, streams, irrigation ditches, sanitary pipes or other places where there is flowing water stream flow probes are used.

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